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What We Stand For

To serve our clients by creating individualized learning and behavior programs that promote independence and facilitate reaching their highest potential.

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Our Founder

Robin Stone,MS,BCBA

Our founder, Robin Stone, started the company after obtaining a B.S. in Psychology (with Business minor) and a M.S. Applied Behavior Analysis (with Specialty in Developmental Disabilities from Auburn University. At first, she offered all services herself, growing the company and serving low-income areas of Alabama before moving to Georgia. 

Robin developed a passion for Autism during a chance encounter with a young toddler girl at the pool who had Autism. She struck up a friendship with that little girl that lasted well into that toddler’s young adult years. That interaction sparked her curiosity about the disorder that carried over into her Bachelor’s of Psychology at Auburn University where she volunteered with impoverished youth with Autism in the area providing free ABA therapy services. Robin completed her Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis at Auburn. She now manages over 30 ABA therapists and BCBA supervisors in the Atlanta, GA area.


About Our Center

Innovative Behavior Options is a BCBA-owned and operated business and we strive to provide our clients with a high-quality team of therapists to ensure great levels of measurable progress.

The company has grown with the help of referrals from doctors, parents, teachers, and other members of the community. As we’ve grown, we’ve added therapists and BCBAs to our team, expanding our presence throughout all of metro Atlanta, as far south as Peachtree City and as far north as Buford. If we don’t currently serve your area, please reach out to us, as we can help collaborate and help you find someone in that area that can serve you.