ABA therapy methods for teaching daily living skills

Teaching Life Skills to Children with Autism

Mar 18, 2022

For parents, there are few topics and concepts that are more important to impart to our children than daily living skills. While academic skills are frequently taught and highly valued, the ability to successfully complete daily living tasks has an outsized impact on a child (who will one day grown into an adult) and their ability to reach their highest potential and lead a more independent life.

Daily Living Skills to Teach Children

Daily living skills are those important self-care tasks that we do each day at home, school, or work. Also known as Activities of Daily Living, these skills are an important part of developing independence and healthy personal care habits.

As parents (and as ABA therapists!) we want to teach children to get dressed, tie their shoes, and wash their hands on their own. Potty training and personal hygiene are also daily living skills that both parents and ABA therapy providers can work on with children with special needs. 

ABA Therapy Methods for Teaching Daily Living Skills

Children with autism can have a more difficult time mastering daily living skills, and at Innovative Behavior Options, we use the scientific approach of ABA therapy to help kids and adults with autism overcome challenges to learn these skills.

To teach these skills, we use ABA therapy techniques such as visual schedules and task analysis to help with these skills. Task analysis is a technique that breaks a task down into a number of smaller, simpler steps that a child can learn more easily. To learn more about how to create and implement a visual schedule at home, click here.

Potty training, another important and sometimes challenging daily living task, has an approach all its own. We recommend using positive reinforcement (perhaps in the form of a treasure box) and a timer as a cue. Of course, you’ll also want to have several changes of clothes at the ready.

At Innovative Behavior Options, our mission is to promote independence and to help our clients reach their highest potential. Teaching daily living skills early can positively impact a person’s life from childhood through adulthood and can move more challenging goals within reach. To learn more about ABA therapy and the services we offer, give us a call at 770-250-0093.


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