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Client Testimonials

Read testimonials from our clients. Names have been changed to protect our clients identity.

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Client Testimonials

(Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.)

“Both of our children were diagnosed with ASD in March 2009. As parents, we were aghast about where do we go and what do we do next. You could read books, research, and Google your way into some sort of knowledge. However, we had no clue how to apply it. After going through several ABA vendors and trying different tracks, I contacted Robin Stone. Robin was very understanding and extremely knowledgeable. The company I worked for would not pay for ABA and Robin worked with me to confirm that. As luck would have it, I was laid off by that firm last August and found a new job. As luck and providence would have it, our new insurance covered ABA at 40 hours per week for both children starting in November last year.

That set the table. Now the results. My son Nathan who was 4 when we started ABA, has gone from echolalia and an extremely short attention span to performing 1st grade work even though he is in Kindergarten this year. Robin’s ABA therapists performed the therapy anywhere Nathan was. We did mostly home therapy with Nathan. The difference has been STRIKING. I can have a regular conversation with my boy now whereas it was a fleeting dream only a year ago. He is learning Spanish in school and is performing exceptionally well thanks to the intensive work and support from Robin and her team.

Now the amazing story, my daughter Julie. Julie did not make eye contact at all when she was diagnosed fundamentally disabled eighteen months ago. Julie was also not potty trained, did not sleep at night, and totally non-verbal. After only working with her for less than a year, my baby girl is now potty trained, verbal, can sing songs, knows her alphabet, and can do so much more than when we started. I am very lucky to have the support from the health insurance company paying the bills, but it is Robin and her team that have transformed my kids in just a short time.

I cannot express even in an 800 page book how much this means to me as a father, but all I can say is that Robin Stone and her team have made a very dark tunnel in our lives into a wondrous world full of possibilities that I could not even begin to imagine this time last year. I am more than happy to talk to anyone who is considering ABA for their children and share our experiences.

Thank you Robin for all you have given us”


We started services with IBO in 2005. My son has severe Autism. When I heard him talk for the first time, I couldn’t stop crying. I can’t thank Robin and the IBO team enough for what they have done for our family. He now can ask for what he wants and doesn’t spend his day screaming and hitting. She has been a God Send and I’m so blessed to have found this company in time to save my sanity, marriage, and family.


I have a 5 year old daughter with severe Autism. We have been working with IBO for two years now and I can’t even begin to describe the progress I have seen in her. She is now able to ask for what she wants. Her severe tantrums have stopped completely and it also allows us to take vacations as a family, something I never thought would happen when we first got the diagnosis! I am forever grateful for our extended family at IBO.


When my son was 15, we had a therapist come out and help with toilet training. Our psychiatrist highly recommended her, so we gave it a try. We had gone through four other ABA companies over the years and nobody could get my son trained. We figured we’d give it one more shot. My son was completely trained within a week and a half! Fifteen years of diapers and embarrassment had to go by before we found someone that could actually help us. We decided to continue services every week to help my son with his other deficits. He can now pick out his clothes, completely clean the house, do laundry, and take a bath. She’s helped him learn how to use his augmentative communication device, too. He’s now able to use his “talker” to ask and answer questions. I’m so proud of my son. He has surprised me to no end. I will never doubt his ability to learn again. He’s a smart young man and he’s now reaching his potential.


My grandson has been receiving ABA therapy for over a year through Innovative Behavior Options. He has been seen by several therapists during this time and ALL of them have been highly experienced and passionate about their profession. It takes a very unique, exceptional and zealous group of individuals to delve into the realm of ABA therapy. They must be deliberate, patient and fervent in working with their clients. Their task reaches far beyond the surface of instruction and is much more than teaching. It encompasses the whole person striving to touch their very thought process, will and soul. We have seen great strides in our Grandson and we cannot adequately express our gratefulness. The staff at Innovative Behavior Options is making a difference in lives that will make for a brighter tomorrow.


My daughter is 43 years old and has moderate Mental Retardation. She has always had issues with her temper and with making friends. She tended to insult and intimidate her peers and was always getting into trouble. I am happy to report that she no longer has any of those issues. She keeps a diary now and writes down her feelings instead of screaming at people. She has learned how to make and keep friends. My daughter now has more friends than she can keep up with. She’s happy and smiling almost everyday. She even has a great boyfriend. The consultant also helped her lose weight by teaching her about nutrition and the importance of exercise. She’s lost 26 pounds so far! I wish I could do that myself!


I am the mother of a high functioning Asperger’s child who just turned 14 years old. He started working with Innovative Behavior Options approximately 17 months ago and has been receiving therapy a couple times per weeks since then. Programs have been written based upon his actual needs and his current abilities that have increased his overall functioning levels with family members and peers in the school environment. I believe that having the ABA therapists, school and family expectations coming from the same prospective, we have seen significant improvement in overall social skills and behaviors as well as increasing his self esteem. With the introduction of new programs, he continues to increase social skill levels and is learning course work at an amazing pace. It is challenging to raise children with special needs and to get the best education available for these children. Having ABA therapists with school related experience has proven invaluable to me as I meet with school staff to discuss accommodations that would best support my child. Life has become enjoyable again, primarily because we have less fear of behavioral issues. We have great hope for his bright future as a contributing member of society. ABA works!!!


Professional Testimonials

“Over the years, Innovative Behavior Options has worked with a number of our clients. One client in particular stands out in my mind. A teenage boy diagnosed with severe ASD, had worked with several other ABA providers in the past without much success. Robin helped him to master several skills he had not be able to master with other teams. In two weeks he was completely toilet trained. He learned how to use his communication device both in his home and in the community to communicate his wants and needs. He learned calming strategies to help him relax in stressful situations that previously caused him have major behavior issues. He mastered how to clean the house and cook using a microwave. Over time he formed a strong bond with his therapist and his compliance and behavior improved substantially. He is now more independent and it was wonderful to see the positive effects of his intervention. I would recommend Innovative Behavior Options to any family that needs help getting their child to reach his/her potential. They have a great organization with a large team of qualified therapists.”