Reopening ABA therapy center in Roswell, GA after COVID-19

We’re Reopening Our Roswell Therapy Center!

Jun 9, 2020

Dear IBO Families,

In the next few days, we’ll begin re-opening our therapy center. While we’re excited to once again welcome clients and provide center-based ABA therapy sessions, we want to say right up front that our first priority is the health and safety of our clients and staff. We know that the last few months have been difficult and have brought new health, financial, and wellness challenges for many families.

At IBO, we’re committed to opening up our facility slowly and in the safest manner possible. For now, we’ll have only a limited number of clients and therapists rotating through the therapy center. Please be patient with us as we work through this temporary normal. Here, we’d like to answer a few frequently asked questions as we move into this next phase together. As always, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call at 770-250-0093 if you have any questions.


Robin Stone

Frequently Asked Questions about Re-Opening Our Roswell, GA Therapy Center for ABA Therapy

When will the therapy center re-open?

We are kicking off phase one on June 15. We’ll be open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9am to 4pm. Phase two is set to begin on June 29, when we plan to add shorter days (from 9am to 2pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From there, we will continue to increase our hours as needed, until we’re fully operational and open Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm.

Will there be a limit on how many clients can access the center at a time?

Yes. Our therapy center has two floors, both equipped with one-on-one therapy rooms. We plan to limit the number of individuals to ten on each floor until CDC recommends otherwise. For us, that means we can support up to four clients at a time on each level, with one therapist per client in addition to a BCBA and admin staff.  Clients and staff will enter and exit the building on the same level where they will be working. We will also limit our social areas to two clients at a time so that we can wipe down equipment appropriately.

How often will the center be cleaned? 

We’ve strengthened our already in-depth sanitation procedures. Our social rooms will be wiped down after each use and any toys touched by saliva will be removed for washing. We have a dedicated staff member to clean frequently used areas such as handrails, swings, and restrooms at regular intervals throughout the day. And of course, at the end of each day, all rooms will be thoroughly sanitized.

We will require our staff to wash their hands frequently throughout the day, including as they enter and leave the therapy center and before and after any break.  Therapists will use hand sanitizer, which is readily available throughout the center, before and after using our social room and when changing rooms.

What other measures is IBO taking to protect clients and staff?

IBO employees will wear face masks while at the therapy center (clients are welcome to wear masks as well but are not required to do so). Upon arrival, a staff member will take the temperature of each employee and client. On the first visit back to the center, each employee and client will be asked to fill out and sign a brief questionnaire regarding the coronavirus.

We are asking our families to limit drop off to only one person and that no parent or guardian remain in the center during ABA therapy sessions. After drop off, a staff member will lightly spray any bags with a disinfectant before it is brought inside.  We are requiring all staff and clients to wear only freshly laundered clothing (this means no pajamas for our kiddos), and anyone wearing a reusable face mask will need to wash it daily.  For now, no comfort items, such as blankets or stuffed animals, will be allowed outside of a client’s personal therapy room.

Will IBO continue to offer telehealth appointments? 

Yes, based on individual insurance plans. Check out last month’s blog here for more information on what to expect from a telehealth appointment.

Is IBO continuing to offer in-home ABA therapy?

Yes! We are continuing to see clients in-home, and we are taking every precaution to ensure staff and clients are protected and safe. Our therapists are washing their hands at least every 20 minutes and wiping down the therapy space frequently. We’re also limiting the therapy staff that visits a home and requiring temperature checks ahead of therapy sessions.


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